Set of rigid boxes HOBBS – black and white

Set of rigid boxes HOBBS – black and white

The set of rigid boxes HOBBS – black and white, are made from high class cotton papers in 2 colors – black and white. Although the combination of these colors may look simple, in reality it came out as not an easy task to do. In order for the luxury packaging to have an exquisite look, we carefully had to pick the paper by structure and type, we even paid attention to what the black and white color need to be in order to achieve the unique combination between them.

For the white boxes we chose cotton paper with light line structure from Fabriano and the black boxes, we made from black pastel- anthracite of James Cropper. We managed to achieve amazing results which led to an extremely stylish and premium line of boxes.

The main collection of hard collapsible boxes for luxury women’s apparel is made in 3 sizes with collapsible construction and ribbon.

Our customer needed a box that can be rigid and not take a lot of storage space at his boutiques. The final product fits perfectly in those requirements, it is folded in seconds, making the box not only high quality but also very practical and convenient for storing and transporting.

For the women’s scarves that our customer offers, he chose black cylindrical boxes with ribbon. His choice for the smaller jewelry and accessories was more clean look – completely white boxes.

At the branding stage our customer went for luxury label and sticker branding, as the main goal was to have a feel and sense of a perfume box style.

The stickers and labels are also made from cotton paper, keeping the black and white concept. The logo on the sticker and label was elevated with UV varnish for an additional effect. Being in the same concept, the color of the ribbon was also black, made from special dense, satin ribbon which when tied, achieves beautiful geometry and the final result really screams high quality gift box packaging set.