Our customer SEXY Fish London

Our customer SEXY Fish London

Our customer SEXY Fish London https://sexyfish.com/cheesecake-to-go/ saw a possibility to have designed and made luxury packaging for cheesecakes.

We know how to create a box which can create a special experience for all SEXY FISH customers and make them come back.

This masterpiece of a cheesecake – light, soft, with special strawberry and blueberry dressing on top, combined with this perfectly made luxury box can arrive intact to its customer.

We chose this box to be round with ribbon. The ribbon was attached to the base of the box. The lower part has a specially developed insert which can serve as a presentation tray for the cheesecake. We also paid attention to the paper on the inside of the box, the goal was to have a porcelain feel.

We went for a very fine combination of gold and black paper from CORDENONS, so it can match the concept of the SEXY FISH brand. At the same time all of the materials used to make this amazing packaging, including the glue, have food-safe certificates. We chose hot stamping which makes the brand identity elements look like engravings. For this goal we didn’t think twice but to use the newest KURZ foils.

The end result is an impressive look – as this is a box for very expensive jewelry.