Luxury wine packaging – rigid box for two bottles, rigid box for one bottle, paper tubes for wine

These rigid boxes are made of Black Pastel paper from JAMES CROPPER.

The internal part of the box is made from 2 mm cardboard. The closing mechanism of this box for 2 bottles is with 4 hidden magnets for extra stability.

Black Bowston is a paper made from 100% reworked fibers. The paper prevents white edges and break-white on folds and creases. Black Bowston papers are fully recyclable, ECF-certified (Elemental Chlorine Free), 94/62/CE & EN71-3 Compliant Certified (Toy Safety), produced with CHP recycling energy and have REACH compliant (EC No 1272/2008) and FSC-certified. The paper is manufactured in Great Britain.

More on the box for 2 bottles – it comes with a special insert tray with borders, which keeps the bottles safe during transport. This way the bottles can be additionally wrapped with one more essential accessory for this gift set – thin tissue paper to enhance the whole unboxing effect.

Black tube from 3 parts: lid, base and internal board.

Again in the same range: Black Pastel paper.

The tube is intended for 1 wine bottle gift sets.

A very beautiful accent from the whole luxury packaging range is the custom logo with hot stamping, using KURZ gloss, gold foil.

On the inside of the paper tube there is also text – a personalized with again, with hot stamping.

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