Luxury packaging for perfumes

Luxury packaging for perfumes

Our customer contacted us so we can manufacture perfume packaging.

He really wanted this luxury packaging to have perfect geometry.

The task was to create remarkable rigid boxes which add additional value to the customer’s product – series of unique niche perfumes.

We know best what the packaging needs to be.

We created a light construction from 4 parts – 2 lids and an inner base. For more rigidity, on the inner side of the box there is additional enhancement with 2 mm cardboard. Inside those boxes there is a unique insert from the same material with special cutting in the middle for the perfume bottle.

The choice of materials is again 2 color cotton papers in Black Pastel and French Vanilla.

Between the upper and lower lid, which are made from Black Pastel, there is 5 mm of very discreet French Vanilla paper. With this proportion and construction play the result is exquisite packaging for luxury niche perfumes.

An additional accent on the design is the hot stamping. We know that the logo has to be something more than a literal image of the text. Because of that we chose a special type of foil – satin gold plus black gloss as a base.

This luxury box turns the unboxing experience of the perfume into a whole ritual.