Boxes for Chocolate Sweets

Ice White – this tender white pearl was combined with golden pearl and the text was […]

These cute cylinders with ribbon were filled by our customer with chocolate hearts and he also […]

We love these square boxes with ribbons on. We have different colors and sizes in stock. […]

Chocolate box from MURILO, this delicious cake perfectly fitted in the round box.

Unique cravings and beauties! Our customer Konisa Chocolat let us taste the chocolate cups – jewels […]

These stylish cubic boxes were filled with little chocolate cubes on the occasion of SONY’s event. […]

Our customer ordered round boxes for chocolate figures – a Christmas gift for corporate customers.

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 08

Mustard color in a combination with saturated blue – an interesting color compatibility, occasion: corporate event.

The customer wanted a natural effect of the box and we used paper made from almonds. […]

Box for chocolate sweets for the Utilisima television, black matte with black gloss, a very spectacular […]

Black matte in a combination with French vanilla + a ribbon, especially for hand made chocolates. […]

Pistachio green,  a corporate color of packaging: rigid box with ribbon + paper bag.

Small boxes for chocolate sweets with a little see-trough window from golden pearl. We really like […]

This customer contacted us from Ukraine, to make a series of packaging for a boutique pastry […]

Golden pearl: a card plus a round box with chocolate pendants.

Rigid box for Chocolates with ribbon – a compliment for the customers of SPA Cocons.

A small box for 4 chocolate sweets. We have stocks in different sizes, you can contact […]

Round box for 6 chocolate temptations.

We really like this Coca Cola project, different, colorful and surprisingly, not red.

An Easter masterpiece with handmade chocolate eggs. This green box became one of our favorites!

Orange, green, yellow … Easter colors giving festive vibes. You can contact us to check for […]

This cylindrical box from brown pearl with mocha ribbon fitted perfectly for handmade chocolate figures.

Bright red, a lot of red, this box came out amazing and was filled with even […]

This golden box was filled with strawberries with chocolate by our customer. YES! A unique temptation […]

Check out this chocolate compliment from ZEN, series of small boxes for chocolates with a small […]

Кръгла кутия: d 200  h 100 mm Shiro Tree Free – използвахме отново единствената по рода […]

These amazing box were made for an anniversary corporate event, red and white angels … from […]

These rectangular boxes are extremely suitable for chocolate figures with nonstandard shapes and sizes. We have […]

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 36

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 37

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 38

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 39

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 40

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 41

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 42

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 43

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 44

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 45

Кутия за бонбони и шоколад 46

The taste of sweets and chocolate gives positive feelings in the human mind. In addition, we offer You the possibility of the multiplication of this positive effect by combining different chocolate temptations in an elegant round box with ribbon - the newest construction from our product catalog.