Boxes for Bottles

  Rigid box for 3 bottles. This solid construction has  an extraordinary clean line. The materials […]

Wine and chocolate! This is a masterpiece for connoisseurs. A glass of tender champagne in the […]

Did you know that the shape and the size of the glass affects the wine’s taste […]

Our customer from France asked for tubes with clean design, since he already had labels in […]

Check out this non-standard decision, our customer chose a round box for 2 small bottles of […]

Store franchise for gourmet gifts contacted us, in order to find an option for two very […]

We weren’t evaluating the qualities of vinegar enough to make a box for it, until our […]

Our customer was born with passion to perfection, produces special olive oil made of rare varieties […]

This customer was the reason we fell in love with the olive oil … The requirement […]

  Box for one bottle. Shiro Tree Free – Now the road to the future is […]

Golden pearl Cordenons, satin ribbon and black matte James Cropper, it came out as an exquisite […]

The combination of purple Cordenons pearl and black James Cropper matte. We did the logo with […]

Did you know that the  successful combination between wine and a specific meal is one of […]

This huge Christmas gift box can not only fit a bottle of wine, but also a […]

Elegant rigid boxes for 1 bottle in black and white. The customer wished an additional case […]

Luxury box for a set, content of the products: bottle of wine and a golf ball […]

Luxury box for a gift with insert, made for sizes fitting 3 different products, olive paste, […]

Box, compatible for 2 bottles, perfect gift for different events. Minimum order quantity: from 500 pcs, […]

Rigid box with cardboard hinges – a prototype of a wine box.

Rigid box for one bottle, an elegant combination of two pastel colors with fastening on the […]

Rigid box for one bottle made with unique paper from wheat. This paper creates a very […]

The interesting part about this box is that we succeeded in finding a way to show […]

Rigid box for one bottle with a classical construction from two parts – lid and base […]

Luxury set of packaging for corporate gifts with clean design. Here we decided to underline the […]

You can choose a personal product line with your own logo, tubes for bottles, small round […]

Create a unique gift for your customers, by combining selected products in a original box, very […]

Design of packaging for alcohol of a trade mark, minimum order quantity: 1000 pcs.     […]

Cylindrical box – luxury tube for a bottle, produced from a high class papers.     […]

Cylindrical box, clean line and design, for high-end branded alcohol.

Cardboard boxes for bottles, inside the box there is thin paper to add stabilization to the […]

Luxury tubes for wine – cylinder from Eco paper, for a slight touch we can suggest […]

Our customer contacted us from Saint Petersburg, to inspire us to create this project for hotel […]

This box was specially designed for the release of a new product on the market of […]

Box for small bottles made from cardboard, on the occasion of the anniversary of the brand. […]

Natural paper made of almonds combined with the ideal shape of the square! Perfect gift set […]

Подходящи за конфекциониране на вино, селекция от 3 бутилки, допълнителни аксесоари към кутията – тънка хартия […]

Кутия за бутилки 37

Кутия за бутилки 38

Кутия за бутилки 39

A luxury rigid box for wine can never be thrown away. After consumption even the greatest taste fades away but the packaging is the one, which returns the customer to this memory. Even the box with the greatest label is thrown away but the packaging is always kept.