What should an offer for packages contain?

How should clients find their bearings and how should they compare the prices of certain packages, boxes and paper bags? How should we compare the offers of different producers?
LUXpac comments:
When it comes to comparing prices it is of paramount importance that Clients be aware of the service they shall pay for.
Below we shall mention the main parameters that have to be stated in every offer.
Structure: what is the structure of the respective packages?
Options – hard boxes, folding boxes, hard folding boxes, punched collapsible boxes, paper tubes, round laminated boxes. Ask for a sample of the respective packages – boxes – so that you may acquire a precise idea of what you are about to order and, respectively, how the ready packages will be used, boxes.
Material: What material are the ordered boxes made of? When you compare prices of packages, you should ask for each offer to accurately describe the parameters of the material: the manufacturing company, ask for the name and series of cardboard or paper; it is VERY IMPORTANT to have the gr/m2 measure of the material the ordered packages will be manufactured of. Ask for a sample of the respective cardboard of paper your boxes will be made of.
Size: the offer has to clearly state – whether the sizes are of the interior or the exterior – often the sizes quoted are those of the exterior and later if the item to be placed within has unyielding dimensions it would not fit well enough into the opening of the luxurious box ordered.
Print: it is obligatory that the printing technology be described: offset printing, screen printing, UV varnishing, hot stamping, embossing or relief printing. If there is an option to get a preliminary sample – go for it.
Additional processing: There are a lot of details here and not all of them can be described, we shall only mention the problems that arise most frequently. When Clients want additional effects on the package, quite often the things offered cannot actually be accomplished. Example: Pantone color for hot stamping, relief printing on cardboard of 2 mm, laminate over art paper – these are technologically unfeasible processes, but I encounter them more and more often. In such cases ask for a sample so that you may see such an effect – ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED!
Deadline: offers should include deadlines, please note! Before you make an advance payment you should confirm the deadline with a proforma invoice with the exact working days! And obligatory ask for penalties to be paid in case of delay on the part of manufacturer. This is an additional security that the deadline shall be accurately observed.
One-time expenses: Always ask for the prices of the stamps, dies and structures to be given separately from the price of the ordered packages. Thus, you will see the true prime cost of the ordered item and will prevent the one-time expenses to be included again in the price of a single box or package if you make a second order.
Clarity: Before making the order clarify everything described above and very carefully review all parameters, details and sizes of your packages.
Communication: You should ask for all parameters and any changes in terms and technology to be given in a written form.