The latest item on the luxurious packaging market – Cylindrical boxes – Tubuses

Luxpac possesses KNOW-HOW in the production of high class luxurious packaging. In September Luxpac invested in a new production line: luxurious cylindrical boxes. The technology used allows the production of spools in the desired colour both on the outer and on the inner side of the item – a feature that has so far been absent from this segment of the European market. The custom paper tubes are extremely fine without rough spiral edgings. The other advantage of the new technology for paper tube packaging production is that the wall thickness starts at 0.5 mm and this does not affect the hardness of the product – paper tube packaging. Another great advantage are the short lines of 500 pieces. The short production terms and the unprecedented prices further spark the interest to this product. So far as design and precision are concerned there is an exceptional choice of different types of high class paper and printing techniques. The end result – an extremely precise paper tube packaging with perfect geometry.

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