Cylindrical boxes – luxury tube packaging

Cardboard packaging tubes

The latest product of LUXpac – round boxes. So far the round boxes of this kind were not at the required technological level and the production capacity was insufficient. From September 2013, after a year of preparation, we integrated a new line for production of cardboard packaging tubes. To our surprise, the first clients to buy the product were from the Middle and the Far East. The monthly production of this item – luxurious round boxes – currently amounts to 100 000 boxes/month.

The short lines of 500 pieces/size and the use of a large variety of high-class materials turn these items into highly demanded ones. The production technology of all round boxes allows printing and choice of paper for the INSIDE of the cylinder as well! The small cylindrical boxes with ribbons are very interesting derivatives of the cylindrical boxes – they are the results of the same technology and therefore they are items with perfect geometry. Currently we have 8 diameter types.

The paper packaging tubes production devices are ordered from Germany and the manufacturing of a device with a new size takes about 10 working days, delivery time included. Manufacturing terms vary depending on the working load – from 15 to 25 working days. The terms in the autumn/winter season are a little longer.

Due to the great interest to this item along with all other changes in the company this year, in September LUXpac bought a new land plot. In the beginning of the year we start designing a new factory that will produce only cylindrical boxes – luxury tube packaging. The idea is to establish this production line as a separate subsidiary of LUXpac with entirely new structure.

See the new round boxes section in our website!

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