• Round Boxes, so..... Luxurios
    Round Boxes, so..... Luxurios

Box design

We produce hard boxes in vast diversity of well developed package and box designs such as: wine boxes, tube shaped boxes, chocolate boxes; gift boxes, suitable for books and candles, as well as luxury boxes with inserts for different products.

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One-color collections

We produce and keep in stock a various range of one-colored boxes and gift bags, which are ready-to-buy. We also provide small size boxes, in different colors and designs.

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We keep in stock 155 different colored kinds of tissue, very thin paper, suitable for filling and decoration of gift boxes. Design: single-colored, brocade, metalized, and full-colored paper. Minimum package sizes: 24 sheets/pack.

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Gift bags

We produce and keep in stock a wide range of design collections of luxury gift boxes and bags. The minimum package sizes: 10 psc / pack

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